Nike recalls shoe to avoid appearing racist; People are romantically attracted to those who smell similar

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Former NFL player tells Nike a shoe design could be offensive

Nike may have dodged a bullet as it recalls a shoe before being released due to potential racism. The red sneaker was supposed to celebrate Independence Day with the Betsy Ross flag on the back. It is a Civil War era design of the American flag with 13 white stars in a Circle. Former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick said it could be considered racist since slavery was legal during that time.

New study suggests couples smell similar

People are apparently attracted to those with the same smelling body odour. CTV News cited a study from Newcastle in Scotland that looked at 30 couples who had been together for at least six months. They were told not to share a bed or wear fragrances. Odour samples were taken which turned out to be similar when compared to their partners.

Fox walks from Norway to Canada 76 days

A young arctic fox broke a record for the shortest trip from Norway to Canada. The walk only took her 76 days. Researchers from the Norwegian Polar Institute attached a GPS device to her and set the fox free. She reached Greenland in 21 days. The total journey spanned just over 3,500 kilometres.

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