Friday, March 31, 2023
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Lethbridge Transit reporting boost in ridership as gas prices surge

With the rise of fuel prices in the past month, Lethbridge Transit has seen a direct and correlating increase in the number of riders at the same time.

“What we are seeing is that the high cost of fuel is growing the customer base for Lethbridge Transit,” says Michael Fox, Director of Community Services. “These gains in ridership, on top of those from the cityLINK Network redesign, indicate that residents and visitors to Lethbridge now see transit as an option to meet some transportation needs.”

Lethbridge Transit has experienced an overall 26% increase in ridership, building on ridership gains already established by the cityLINK network redesign.

“As a regular user of Lethbridge Transit, I have been noticing new faces on the bus lately,” says Timothy Sanderson, General Manager of Lethbridge Transit. “It is great to see that Lethbridge Transit can provide this much needed resource for the community as gas prices impact household budgets.”

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He adds that switching to transit will save a household over $9 thousand a year and possibly even more with the jump in the price at the pumps.

The current fares for Lethbridge Transit are $3 per ride or $77 for a monthly pass. Information on using transit, including an interactive trip planner, is available at


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