Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Lethbridge County adopts ten year strategic plan

Lethbridge County adopted its 2022-2032 strategic plan on April 21 with a vision statement of  “Lethbridge County is Canada’s most innovative rural community.“

The plan includes four goals: providing responsible governance, building strong relationships with stakeholders, being a versatile region and fostering an environment that encourages investing in innovation and technology.

“The strategic plan gives clarity to staff so that we can perform our implementation of service provision in a way that best reflects council’s vision for Lethbridge County,” said CAO, Ann Mitchell. “We are mindful of our responsibility to provide excellent municipal services to county citizens and the strategic plan helps direct our time and resources for the benefit of all.”

The plan is a guide for how the county will move forward in the next decade and was created after planning sessions with council and senior leadership,

“The strategic plan gives us purpose and a set of goals that council has collectively agreed on,” said Tory Campbell, Division 2 reeve. “This is the vision for the future of Lethbridge County and a guide for how we will get there. Every decision we make at a council meeting will be driven by this document, ensuring we are acting in the best interests of our citizens and businesses.”

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