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Lethbridge County seeks feedback on proposed commercial tax incentive bylaw

Lethbridge County is seeking public feedback on a proposed commercial and industrial municipal tax incentive bylaw. A draft bylaw was presented at its April 21 council meeting that would provide eligible businesses a short-term exemption from paying municipal taxes.

The purpose of this incentive is to attract new development to Lethbridge County and encourage expansion of existing businesses, according to the county. Council will collect input from residents and business before voting on the bylaw.

“The concept of introducing short-term tax exemption incentives came from one of the goals identified in our strategic plan, which is prosperity for Lethbridge County,” said Reeve Tory Campbell.  “We aim to accomplish this goal through attracting, expanding and retaining businesses. Several other municipalities in the province have implemented similar policies, giving a competitive advantage for investment in those communities.”

“Recognizing that a tax incentive bylaw is a significant decision for a municipality, council wanted to ensure the public has the opportunity to view the proposed bylaw and provide their input,” Campbell said.  “Feedback will be used to help guide further discussion at the council table so we can make the best choice for the community.”

A six question survey is  available for the public on the county’s website. The deadline to provide feedback is June 10. Results will be shared with Lethbridge County council at the July 7 meeting.

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