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Parking fine amount could double if approved by council

Amounts for on-street parking fines could increase from $25 to $50 with new proposed revenue generation which was discussed at Monday’s Economic Standing Policy Committee meeting.

The proposed revenue generation would be $160,000 per year for four years in the Off-street Parking Reserve as well as a proposed revenue generation of $90,000 per year for four years in the Municipal Revenue Stabilization Reserve (MRSR) which would make the total proposed amount of $1 million in the four year budget cycle. 

Councillor John Middleton-Hope brought up that Lethbridge has the lowest parking fines amount in all of Alberta.

Middleton-hope also mentions during the meeting that this would help enhance Regulatory Services by providing a revenue stream from this parking revenue. 

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Director of Infrastructure Services, Joel Sanchez says the hope is that by increasing these parking fine amounts, it will create more revenue and that members of the community will pay for parking which would result in not as many fines being issued, so it would be penalizing those who don’t pay for parking. 

“By having the parking fines go higher, there will be more revenue coming for people that will be compliant, they’re not going to take the chance,”says Sanchez.

Parking fees will not be changing, just the parking fines.

The $15 reduction for those who make the payment within seven days from the date of the fine, would stay the same.

With a unanimous vote from the committee the recommendation will move forward and be added to the draft budget for a potential approval. 

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