Thursday, December 1, 2022

Direct payments, fuel tax suspension extension part of provincial affordability measures

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says relief to middle income, and vulnerable Albertans is on the way as part of an influx of support measures to fight inflation.

Smith, who addressed the public on Tuesday evening via a taped address, says included in the measures, will be $600 over a 6 month span for families, or seniors, with children under the age of 18, and whose combined income is less than $180,000. However, no details were released as to when this portion of support will be enacted. The same amount of money over the six month time period will also be made available to those receiving assured income for the severely handicapped, or AISH, as well as those who receive persons with developmental disabilities income support.

The provincial gas tax suspension will also continue, with Premier Smith suggesting that after the six month suspension expires, the tax will then be adjusted on an ongoing basis to reflect the price of oil.

Also announced, as part of what’s being billed the ‘Inflation Relief Act’, programs like AISH, assured income for the severely handicapped, will also be reindexed, along with all other provincial tax brackets for inflation.

You can watch Premier Danielle Smith’s address to the province here.

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