Thursday, December 1, 2022

Mayor’s Hockey Challenge to raise funds for Lethbridge food banks

Lethbridge Mayor Blaine Hyggen is challenging city partners to a game of hockey to help support community food banks. City officials will go up against community partners in the Mayor’s 2022 Community Hockey Challenge on Sunday at the ATB Centre arena, with a goal to raise more than the $4,500 last year.

“The reason we chose the food banks as we did last year is just the incredible need and the clientele that they are actually supporting, especially against these last couple of years — the increase has been incredible. Those that have never had to use a food bank are now using it on a regular basis so definitely it is something so important to be able to support,” Hyggen said.

The event will start at 4 p.m. and will also include intermission entertainment organized by the Lethbridge Sport Council. It will include para hockey, a ringette shootout, figure skating and Timbits hockey.

“[I am] super excited to be able to get together with everyone. We have such a blast in doing it so I guess the best result is that we are helping the food banks but I’ll tell you what, we have a great time being able to connect up with other community partners throughout this,” Hyggen said.

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The mayor said it is great to see the community coming together to support the Christmas Hope campaign in the holiday season and he hopes to organize more events like this throughout the year.

“People just don’t need the different services that are offered at this time of year, they need it throughout the year and so that’s why we are hoping to do more throughout the year as well,” he said.

The game will feature about 15 players on each side, with Hyggen playing goalie for the city.

“It’s a great bench on both sides. Looking forward to another win honestly from the city’s point of view — we’ll pull that one off again, put the name on the trophy,” he said.

Money raised will go to the Lethbridge Food bank and Interfaith Food Bank and people attending are asked to bring food for donation or cash.

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