Friday, December 1, 2023

Southern Alberta band signs five year deal

A southern Alberta band is living out what most bands dream of.

The Prairie Dogz from Okotoks were offered a five year deal with a Sony company called Emanant Music out of Atlanta.

“We are living a dream come true right now,” says Keith Hambrook from The Prairie Dogz.

The band was formed 2018 and includes Dwight Koenning on vocals, Hambrook on guitar and vocals, Terry Studd on guitar and vocals, Dave Fast on bass and Martin Wright on drums.

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According to Hambrook, a few of them members were in a cover band together and decided to branch out and do their own thing. He and Koenning lived in the same area and would often drive to practice and shows together and after awhile decided to wanted to pursue writing their own music.

The band signed their contract back in November after being in talks for a few months and are planning to record some of their new songs at the studio in Atlanta.

“It’s a huge honour to have them to work with and bounce ideas off of,” says Hambrook.

The band’s new single¬†40 Dollars was a way to show off Koenning’s blues background and the song is based off of Hambrook’s experiences.

When it comes to writing the songs and lyrics, its a team effort by both Koenning and Hambrook.

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“Most of our songs come from past experiences or relationship trials, things like that,” says Koenning.

“I think that’s what set the tone for people listening to it, they can relate to these stories because a lot of time that’s the same thing that’s happened to them.”

Both Koenning and Hambrook, as well as the other members, bring different musical background together, whether its 50’s rock, blues, jazz and rock.¬†40 Dollars pulls influence from B.B. King in certain areas.

The Prairie Dogz mostly do corporate or private events but they will be performing at Kickers in Diamond Valley on Saturday, February 4th.

You can find The Prairie Dogz on streaming services, on Facebook, Youtube and more information can be found on their website.

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