Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lethbridge County approves of partnership agreement for regional energy from waste facility

The Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Association (SAEWA) has announced a partnership agreement on a new energy from waste facility, gaining approval form Lethbridge County.

The facility, Hitachi Zosen Inova — HZI was chosen by the SAEWA Board to carry out the association’s vision for an energy from waste facility here in Southern Alberta.

Lethbridge County Councillor Klaas VanderVeen has been a member on the SAEWA Board since 2017 and is satisfied with the progress being made since his time there.

“It is truly exciting to see this project one step closer to becoming a reality,” says Councillor VanderVeen.

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“The SAEWA Board and staff have worked tirelessly to advocate for a regional energy from waste facility that will divert waste from landfills and have environmental benefits. We look forward to working with HZI in creating a state-of-the-art facility right here in Southern Alberta.”

More than 50 municipalities in Southern Alberta are working with SAEWA on the creation of an energy from waste facility that will convert non-recyclable solid waste into electricity and heat energy.  The end goal is to help reduce the region’s long-term reliance on landfill disposal and working to lower greenhouse gas emission from the current solid waste management practices.

Lethbridge County Reeve Tory Campbell says this is a big step for communities in the area.

“This announcement is a significant development for the communities represented in SAEWA, and a fantastic example of how regional collaboration can be impactful on a large scale,” says Campbell.

“This facility will benefit our entire region and would not be possible without the willingness of municipalities to work together on a common goal.”

More information on this facility can be found on the SAEWA website.

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