Friday, January 27, 2023

Stats-Canada: Lethbridge ranks tops on 2018 Crime Index

It’s not a first place ranking any community wants to have.

Stats Canada released it’s updated crime severity index Monday (July 22). Out of the major census metropolitan areas (CMA’s) ranked, Lethbridge had the highest police-reported crime severity index in the entire country last year.

Lethbridge was followed closely by Regina at number two with Winnipeg and Saskatoon right behind at three and four on the list.

CMA Crime Index graph taken from Stats-Canada

The high local crime severity index rating for Lethbridge, 137 out of 150, is not just the city itself. The numbers also include the surrounding region as well.

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Lethbridge was only added to the CMA index in the past year.

Across the country as a whole, the national crime index increased in 2018 by about 2%, however it’s still lower than it was ten years ago.

You can see that report here: 2018 Stats-Can Crime Index Report


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