Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Fire restriction issued for Lethbridge County

As a result of warm and dry conditions, Lethbridge County has issued a fire restriction for the region. The restriction cancels all fire and fireworks permits which have been previously issued and no new ones will be issued while the restriction is in effect.

Recreational campfires, including campground and backyard fire pits, are allowed during the restriction with residents being asked to practice extreme caution. , but users are asked to use these with increased caution. Fires used for cooking or heating including gas or propane-fueled fire rings, BBQs, stoves, and heaters are also allowed.

Lethbridge County Fire Services Manager Bryon Fraser says the risk of wildfires has increased with the conditions being prime for fires to spread quickly.

“It is essential that the public adheres to the Fire Restriction we have issued to reduce the risk of damaging wildfires in the County,” Bryon says.

The fire restriction will be in place until further notice, and residents are advised if conditions do not approve the county may increase the restriction to a ban. Residents can find the current fire status in the county online.

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