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Phillips focusing on healthcare, economy, and leadership 

Better healthcare, economic outlook, and leadership for the province are the main focuses for incumbent Lethbridge-West MLA Shannon Phillips.  

“We’ve gone through a difficult time over the course of the pandemic, and people’s costs have gone up, people have lost their access to healthcare and there’s been a tremendous loss of trust and accountability in the provincial government,” says Phillips.   

Phillips says that with local priorities, there needs to be representation in Edmonton so that Lethbridge can be heard, to elect a government that is going to listen and deliver for residents.   

“We’ve seen a lack of access to healthcare, we don’t have any walk-in clinics, we’ve lost a number of doctors and specialists, wait times have increased, I hear it off the doorsteps every day I’m out door knocking,” says Phillips.  

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“People are extremely concerned about healthcare, and they have seen a change over the last four years and not for the better and it is directly a result of UCP policies and their disrespect for people who work in healthcare and people who have access to healthcare and ultimately, we have seen a government that does not listen to Lethbridge and allows our healthcare system to fall into complete disarray.”  

Phillips says there are three things local representatives have let the community down in, those are investments in housing and downtown safety, investing in schools and school infrastructure in growing communities, and healthcare.   

 In terms of the NDP plans for healthcare for the region, Phillips says an NDP government is planning to open 10 clinics provincewide including one here in Lethbridge.   

 “These clinics would bring together a number of different health professionals, so then anyone who needs to see a doctor or health professional can do so within a couple of days. We’re not just talking here about physicians but also nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians, the kind of services that people often need in order to keep themselves healthy.”  

The 2023 Provincial Election will take place on May 29th. 

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