Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Downtown toy box huge success: BRZ

The downtownBox was set up in festival square last month and has since been used a multitude of times to keep community members engaged and active in the downtown.  

The box is locked and requires a code, which will be sent via email once the online form is filled out. The box includes a soccer ball, football, chalk, jump ropes, frisbees, basketball, a large jenga game, and a ping pong set. 

Executive director of the Downtown BRZ, Sarah Amies, says the downtownBox has been very well received and respected.  

“We’ve had it up for three weeks and have had well over 50 people apply to unlock the combination,” says Amies. “People have been so incredibly respectful of the inventory, we haven’t had any theft, any vandalism on the box, it’s been, all in all, one of our successful initiatives I would say.” 

Amies says the downtownBox will be outside for as long as the weather permits for those to enjoy. 

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