Lethbridge Police are taking part in a three day joint forces operation targeting unsafe commercial vehicles.

The inspection got started Tuesday and will continue through Thursday (July 30-Aug. 1)

Constable Stewart Seefried with the LPS Traffic Unit says non-compliance during the check has been above 70%. “It seems to always be the same (stuff each year). Cargo securement is a big issue. Then the number of different types of mechanical things. We find worn components on the drive line suspension. Brakes is another big one, not adjusted properly, not functioning properly, and airlines worn.”

Seefried says some of the commercial vehicle fines can range be pricey ranging from $300 to $800 dollars per infraction. He notes he was part of a commercial vehicle inspection in Medicine Hat last year and handed out over $3000 in fines to just one driver.

He notes it’s important these vehicles get checked to make sure they’re in compliance as commercial vehicles are travelling the same roads and highways each day as everyone else. “I know this is frustrating for some people. I explained to one driver today that we’re here for everyone’s safety, all drivers on the highway including truck drivers.  They have to understand the check is here to try and catch and remove some of these unsafe vehicles off our roads.”

The joint forces inspection includes LPS, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Calgary Police, and local Peace Officers.

On day one of the inspection, 68 commercial vehicles were checks and 72% of those failed.