Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Council approves zoning for 30-unit social housing project 

The Lethbridge Housing Authority (LHA) is getting to work finalizing plans for a new 30-unit social housing development after council approved the needed zoning change at its Sept. 19 meeting.  

The project will be built on land owned by Alberta Social Housing Corporation at 416 Stafford Drive North with money from the provincial government. Along with the housing, it is proposed to include a medical clinic and pharmacy. 

LHA needed direct control zoning to permit more than 25 housing units and the approval was given after a lengthy public hearing. Some residents expressed concerns about potential impacts to the neighbourhood, but the majority who spoke and wrote to council were in favour of the project. 

CEO of LHA Robin James said it is possible could begin before winter settles in.  

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“This is going to make a huge impact on our community, a very positive one. We feel that we will be able to serve individuals once the property is built who are focused on recovery that couldn’t otherwise stabilize their own housing,” James said. 

The project will use $10.2 million from the province and ongoing operating costs will be handled by the province. Money will not come out of municipal taxation for the development. 

“These types of housing developments are necessary in our community, our own plans highlight this and I think we also all know that we are not meeting our goals and plans and targets,” said councillor Jeff Carlson. “I am just going to ask my colleagues to join me in stopping dithering and support this important move forward for our community.”

Council approved the zoning change unanimously.

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