The President of the Lethbridge Historical Society says she’s delighted two buildings along 2nd avenue south have been given Provincial Historic Resource designation.

City Councillor Belinda Crowson says the first designation process for the Bow On Tong and Wing Wah Chong buildings began in the 1980’s and the second was about six years ago.

And, she says even with the recent provincial designation, the local work will continue, adding many are hoping it’s the spark to keep the process going for an interpretive centre at the Bow On Tong.

Crowson says there’s still a lot of work to do before those aspirations can come to fruition though, as a lot of stabilization work still has to be done.

The provincial designation means the buildings are protected from demolition or changes to their historic character.

It also means the owner of the buildings, Albert Leong, will be eligible for conservation funding through the Alberta Historical Resource Foundation.