Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nature Conservancy of Canada gets three properties in Porcupine Hills

Three properties in the Porcupine Hills region have been designated as conservation areas.

The equivalent of 4,000 CFL fields, the properties are in a conservation agreement between the Nature Conservancy of Canada and an anonymous landowner. 

This agreement will ensure that the properties will continue to be a working landscape where cattle can graze while keeping the natural values for future generations.  

“Conserving private land in the Porcupine Hills underscores our shared responsibility of safeguarding our natural heritage before it’s too late. By working hand in hand with ranchers, we are not only conserving the breathtaking landscapes that define Alberta, but also helping to continue a legacy of stewardship dating back generations,” says Tom Lynch-Staunton, Regional Vice-President, Nature Conservancy of Canada.  

Porcupine hills, a transitional zone between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, have a combination of rolling grasslands, creeks, and forests that help to support various plants and animals. They also serve as a wildlife corridor used by grizzlies and elk.  

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