Sunday, September 24, 2023

Dozens take part in Lethbridge anti-crime rally Sunday

Several people showed up Sunday (Nov. 3) just outside of Henderson Park to rally against an increase in crime in Lethbridge.

The group is advocating for more police officers in the city, saying people here are fed up with what’s been going on lately.

City Councillor Blaine Hyggen was at the rally as well and says he understands the frustrations. “It’s great to see a group out together with a similar idea and thought pattern. They just want to see safety in our community.”

The group, known as Connecting Our Community, says Lethbridge deserves better.

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Organizer Mallory Kristjanson told the crowd they do not tolerate racism or prejudice comments, referring to comments put on the group’s Facebook page some people. She said they support a safe community and want to see more police officers on the streets.

People driving by Henderson Park honked their horns as people held up signs reading things like “City Council We Deserve to be Safe”, “Lobby For Our Safety”, and “Save Our City”.

Hyggen last week put forward an Official Business Resolution at Council asking his fellow Councillors to direct the Lethbridge Police Commission to hire eight new police officers, two per shift to try and curb the increase in crime.

A report is expected to come back to Council no later than Dec. 9th from the Police Commission looking at the cost of doing just that.

Hyggen says out of all the issues he hears about on a daily basis, crime and drugs are by far the biggest.

“If it’s not 95%, it’s higher (referring to emails & calls he receives),” says Hyggen. “These are definitely the main concerns in our community and it’s getting worse as time goes by. Things need to change for sure.”

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