Friday, February 3, 2023

Police: Lethbridge College bomb threat believed to be a hoax

UPDATE #2: Lethbridge Police say they believe a bomb threat at the college early Tuesday afternoon was a hoax.

The college notified police after receiving an email to the general inquiries account that contained the threat.

Emergency protocols were followed and the campus was evacuated including student residences.

Inspector Jason Dobirstein says the email does not appear to have come from any student or staff member and may not have even originated in this country.

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He says it appears the email may have originated from overseas and at this time there is no evidence to suggest the college community is at risk.

Students were able to return to their residences around 3pm while the campus remains closed.

It will be open again as usual Wednesday morning.


UPDATE #1: Lethbridge Police say they’re investigating reports of a threat at the College. No other details at this time.


The Lethbridge College campus has been evacuated and officials say it will be closed for the rest of the day.

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A public notice was released around 1:30pm Tuesday asking people to avoid campus until further notice.

Updates will be posted to the Lethbridge College website.

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