Wednesday, October 5, 2022

AHS closes motel in Cardston over cockroaches, moldy carpet, etc.

Health officials have shut down a motel in Cardston citing numerous violations including an infestation of cockroaches.

Last week, Alberta Health Services issued a closer order for the Outpost Motel, located on 8th Avenue West in Cardston.

An AHS Inspector notes several dangerous concerns at the motel including no working smoke alarms, a cockroach infestation in one unit, moldy, wet carpet in another, and broken or missing door and window locks in several units.

a) No operational smoke alarms;
b) Cockroach infestation around unit 203;
c) Broken or missing door and window locks on numerous units;
d) Moldy wet carpet in Unit 211;
e) No emergency egress in Unit 216.

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Alberta Health says the owner of the Outpost Motel must take steps to make repairs and clean up the premises to comply with health standards.

The motel will remain closed until the clean up is done and AHS gives the all-clear.

You can read the entire AHS Closure Order here: Outpost Motel Closure

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