Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Southern Alberta MP says farmers are “desperate” as rail blockades continue

A southern Alberta Conservative MP says farmers, ranchers and food processors are going to be bankrupt if rail blockades across the country continue.

Agriculture Critic and Foothills MP John Barlow says there are real consequences to government inaction and “grandstanding” by the Prime Minister and the Liberal Party.

In a speech in the House of Commons this week, Barlow told his colleagues that farmers and ranchers in his riding are coming to him and asking for help.

He says “I have this farmer in my office going, what else can I do? He suffered through one of the worst Spring and Fall he’s had in 60 years of farming, and now he’s dealing with a blockade that when he’s finally got his crop off, there’s no trains at the terminal for him to be able to sell his commodities and get it to market.”

Barlow says the Liberal government simply hoping the blockades resolves itself peacefully and quickly is not good enough.

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