Friday, December 2, 2022

City of Lethbridge warning of local COVID-19 call scams, don’t flush paper towel

It appears some people are trying to take advantage of folks during this ongoing health crisis.

The City of Lethbridge is warning of several scams being reported to the local call centre.

One includes people posing as city employees and threatening to turn off resident’s utilities. If you receive a call like this you’re asked to dial 311 and report it right way.

Meanwhile, the City is also asking residents to watch what you flush. With a shortage of toilet paper, some people are turning to paper towels and wipes as an alternative, however those things can clog up sewer lines and create back-ups. The best thing is to throw those items in the garbage after use instead.

and Lethbridge Transit is being proactive during this time as well. Wherever possible, drivers are blocking off any seats near the front to ensure social distancing and riders are also asked to exit buses in the back to limit any driver contact.

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