Friday, October 22, 2021
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“Go home and stay home” PM warns Canadians

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“Enough is enough”.  That from a tough-talking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In his daily address, he said physical distancing is the only way to stop the spread of COVID-19.  He stressed if you chose to ignore that advice you are not only putting yourself at risk but our elderly, vulnerable, friends, family, and frontline workers.  He said no one is invincible to this disease and if people don’t stop getting together and do not practice physical distancing then the government will consider any measure to make us.

Trudeau also announced 5-billion dollars in additional lending capacity for the agricultural industry.  Beginning today farmers and agricultural producers can apply for the aid through Farm Credit Canada.

The federal government is investing $192-million dollars to create and produce vaccines for COVID-19.  That funding will be given to various companies and universities to work toward finding a way to stop the spread.

When pressed by the media about whether provinces should start to close their borders, he said he is having a conference call with the First Ministers this evening to discuss “additional measures”.

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When asked why he seems hesitant to enforce the Emergencies Act, he said this takes powers away from the provinces and puts it at the federal level and they will be discussing those powers tonight to make sure all levels of government are coordinating with each other.

He confirmed that the Quarantines Act is in force which gives power to police to charge people who are not self-isolating up to and including criminal penalties.

The House of Commons will hold a session tomorrow with 32 MP’s in Ottawa to pass emergency legislation that will include compensation for businesses, people thrown out of work because of the pandemic, and families.

Trudeau, who is in self-isolation himself because his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau is ill with COVID-19, and said he will continue to stay working from home after his isolation is over in a week.

Canada’s COVID-19 caseload now stands at 1,563.

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