Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Self-isolation works says U of L professor who contracted COVID-19

A University of Lethbridge professor, who contracted COVID-19 during an overseas trip last month, has a simple message for everyone – self-isolation works so just stay home.

Dr. Jennifer Mather was in Denmark in early March to teach part of a one-week course.

She says there weren’t many COVID cases in Canada or Denmark when she left but by the time she got back home it was becoming a serious problem.

Mather immediately self-isolated and after a few days began to experience shortness of breath and nausea.

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She called 811 and was instructed to take the self-assessment online questionnaire , which advised she be tested.

Mather was tested on March 18 and informed of her positive result on March 23.

Fortunately, she says she had done everything right and only had one interaction with the taxi driver who took her home from the airport.

Mather says because most cases are mild, people don’t know they have COVID-19 and that’s why a blanket lockdown works so well.

She reiterates the importance of self-isolation saying “it is the most logical, simple, straightforward, common sense thing to do.”

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