The Blood Tribe confirming late Wednesday afternoon (Apr. 29) that there is now at least one confirmed case of COVID-19 on the reserve.

Chief Roy Fox made the announcement through a live video stream on the Blood Tribe website.

He says Blood Tribe Department of Health and the Alberta government received word of the confirmed case late Wednesday morning.

“Our health professionals are working quickly to notify those who’ve been in contact with this person. We offer our prayers for them and their family,” says Fox. “We also ask all Blood Reserve residents and members who are thinking of returning to the reserve to stay home or where you at at.”

Fox says it is very important people follow the orders of public health officials as they work to trace the person’s contacts. The Chief stresses if people do these things, hopefully the spread of the virus around Blood Tribe can be stemmed.

This Blood Reserve case is one of two confirmed in Cardston County Wednesday, the first cases in the region. The location of the other case in the County has not be announced.