Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Summer school? Alberta government addresses schools in economic relaunch

Ever thought of your kids going back to school in late summer?

Well, that concept was floated Thursday (Apr. 30) as the province announced its COVID-19 economic relaunch plan.

Premier Jason Kenney was asked about schools re-opening.

He says in-school classes will not resume before the end of June, however he noted there are discussions about the possibility of summer classes and specialized programs.

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“We are looking at whether we can, later in the summer regain some of the time that’s been lost in this academic year by bringing the schools back earlier,” says Kenney. “Again all of that is subject to consultation with school boards and the advice of the chief medical officer.”

Kenney said during his relaunch press conference that the UCP government is in discussions with school boards about allowing some limited re-opening on a trial basis. “That would take into account the possibility of summer classes and specialized programs, providing schools with more detailed guidance, for example of the number of students permitted and physical distancing.”

The Premier stated Education Minister Adriana LaGrange is currently consulting with school boards on things, but school will not be open as a general rule for the balance of this academic year.

Students have been taking online virtual classes since March, when schools were closed across the province.

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