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HomeNewsLethbridge City Council sees ENMAX Centre operational review

Lethbridge City Council sees ENMAX Centre operational review

It appears the ENMAX Centre would be better off if it stays under City of Lethbridge ownership.

On Monday (May 11), City Council took at look at an operational review conducted by KPMG. Last fall, the company recommended the City consider a different governance model as a means to save money.

As of right now, arena operations are subsidized by local taxpayer support to the tune of around 15% each year.

The KPMG review focused on four governance models:

  • Privately-owned & operated
  • City-owned, operated by private management
  • City/Non Profit-owned, Board operated
  • City owned & City operated (current scenario)

ENMAX Centre GM Kim Gallucci told Councillors after reviewing the different models, they recommend the way the arena is being run right now would probably be ideal going forward.

As part of that though, it’s also being suggested the ENMAX Centre move toward more of a for-profit model. That could mean a possible parking fee of $5.00 a vehicle for events as a way to generate more revenue and have less reliance on taxpayer support.

Council will discuss the ENAMX Centre further on June 1.

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