Lethbridge City Council has gotten a look at phase two of an operational review from KPMG.

The report looks at nine City business units to identify potential areas of opportunity for efficiencies, cost improvement, innovation and reinvestment.

Phase two provides key findings and opportunities relating to Water and Wastewater, Electric Utility, Utility Services, Waste and Recycling, Transportation, Infrastructure Administration, Parks, Fleet Services and the Galt Museum.

City Manager Craig Dalton says between the two phases of the operational review … there are close to 90 opportunities to explore.

He says several phase one opportunities are being actioned and the goal now is to look at everything and work with Council to prioritize, plan and set time lines for how to move forward.

An implementation plan is expected to come before council by August 10th.

Back in November 2018, City Council unanimously approved a resolution instructing Administration to conduct an operational review of all City operations.