How we vote could soon undergo a massive shift thanks to a new virtual platform created by a group of University of Lethbridge students.

Veras Technologies INC. is a blockchain-driven, secure voting platform that allows users to sign in virtually and cast ballots from anywhere in the world.

It reduces the need for polling stations, group gatherings, and manual manipulation of ballots.

“Social media is bombarded with fake accounts and trolls and it’s hard for them to differentiate between real and fake voices,” says Veras Chief Executive Officer, Peter Hurd-Watler, a fourth-year student in the Dhillon School of Business. “With Veras, your identity is linked to your account, so you know it’s a real person you are interacting with. Representatives can talk to their constituents and know it’s a legitimate interaction.”

The platform would also create easier access to voting for marginalized populations such as the disabled community that might have difficulty accessing polling stations or First Nations and rural citizens who face long commutes to cast a ballot.

The Veras group suggests that if we can bank securely through our smartphones we should be able to vote using the same technology.