Wednesday, October 5, 2022

New solar system model stretches from Lethbridge to Park Lake Provincial Park

LETHBRIDGE, AB – One of the world’s largest solar system models is set to be unveiled right here in southern Alberta.

The Lethbridge Astronomy Society has shrunk the sun down to the size of the clock tower dome on the downtown post office.

From there, members have calculated how large each planet would be and where its orbit would lie in relation to the historic landmark.

For example, earth is about the size of a tennis ball and its orbit falls close to the downtown fire hall while Neptune is all the way out at Park Lake Provincial Park.

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The local astronomy society believes the project will be a draw for tourists, a support for STEM education, and a springboard for local businesses.

An official launch will take place after the project is complete.

In the meantime, you’re encouraged to get out and start exploring the solar system!

  • Sun (Naato’si) The Post, 704, 4 Ave. S.
  • Mercury Lethbridge Public Library, Main Branch, 810, 5 Ave. S.
  • Venus Old Courthouse, 1010, 4 Ave. S.
  • Earth (Ksaahkomm) & Moon (Ko’Komiki’somm) Downtown Fire Station, corner of 3 St. & 4 Ave. S.
  • Mars Galt Museum & Archives, 502, 1 St. S.
  • Jupiter U of L, Science Commons Building Patio, 4401 University Dr. W.
  • Saturn Chinook High School, 259 Britannia Blvd. W. (to be installed September, 2021)
  • Uranus Broxburn Vegetables and Café, 5 90008 Range Rd. 210, off Hwy 3, toward Coldale
  • Neptune Park Lake Provincial Park, Range Rd. 223, north of Lethbridge
Scale model of Mars, part of the Lethbridge Astronomy Society’s scale model project. Photo credit to the Lethbridge Astronomy Society.
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