Thursday, December 7, 2023

Alberta RCMP sending nightly social media notifications

If you follow Alberta RCMP on social media you may have noticed a nightly notification.

The Mounties are taking part in what’s called the 9 PM Routine in which people are reminded, every night, to make sure you check your property before you go to bed.

Fraser Logan with Alberta RCMP says this is a movement supported by police forces around the world. “It really is for people to follow a regular routine, kind of a mental check list, to remember to secure your property and make sure it is safe and locked up.”

Logan says property crimes are often crimes of opportunity and small things like locking doors go a long way to deterring criminals.

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Here are some ideas police say you can include in your 9 PM Routine:

  • Turn on outside lights at night
  • Lock your doors
  • Put away toys and bikes in a locked, safe location
  • Put away tools when you’re finished with them
  • Put away outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers and weed trimmers
  • Lock up off-highway vehicles (ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.)
  • Double check vehicles are locked and keys are removed

Depending who you talk to, forming a habit can take anywhere from 21 to 66 days. This is why Alberta RCMP will be posting every night for two full months.

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