Southern Alberta’s Blood Tribe will get a big chunk of cash after coming to an agreement with the federal government to compensate the local First Nation for mismanagement of cattle decades ago.

Chief Roy Fox was in Calgary Thursday, June 4 to sign the agreement with Canada’s Indigenous Relations Minister.

Fox says the Blood Tribe is pleased to have finally reached a settlement of this long outstanding claim concerning events which occurred in the early 1900’s. “We look forward to finalizing the settlement agreement and moving forward with its implementation. In the true spirit of reconciliation we hope to have the same success with other land claims and initiatives in progress.”

The specific claim deals with Crown mismanagement of the First Nation’s assets and resources related to cattle ranching on their reserve from 1894 to 1923. The settlement includes approximately $150 million in financial compensation.

Chief Fox stated Thursday that $123 million from the cattle claim settlement will be used for housing, capital works, a new administration building and a new skating rink on the reserve.

Minister Carolyn Bennett says this settlement was achieved in a true spirit of partnership and renewal, is a key step toward healing and reconciliation with the Blood Tribe. “It helps to right past wrongs and pave the way to a better future for First Nation community members for many generations to come.”

Negotiations between Canada and the Blood Tribe to resolve this claim began in 2011.