Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce launches business mentorship program

The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is aiming to create connections between up and coming businesses professionals and seasoned professionals willing to share their knowledge through a mentorship program.
The Young Business Professionals Mentorship Program will run in three month-semesters, starting this week. It looks to allow business professionals to share their expertise in areas such as entrepreneurship, networking and managing work/life balance.
“The opportunity to foster professional connections between emerging talent and seasoned business professionals within our Chamber network will create a lasting impact on our business community for years to come,” says Cyndi Bester, chief executive officer of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce.
The semesters allow for check-ins from the program committee and give both mentors and mentees the ability to participate in the program around their busy schedules, with new mentors and mentees joining throughout the year.
“We are thrilled to provide a pathway for young business professionals to grow their careers and network through a program that invests in their professional development,” says Charlene Scheffelmair, chair of young business professionals committee. “Mentees will have an incredible opportunity to gain one-on-one guidance from industry leaders through the program.”
Registration for the program opened on August 15 and closes on Sept. 15. Mentors must have a minimum of five years’ experience in their current career, or 10 years of overall work experience and must commit to a single semester (Oct–Dec or Mar–May). Through a single semester, the minimum agreement from a mentor will be a meeting with at least one mentee once per month.
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