Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lethbridge College Poll: Huge federal Conservative support across Alberta

With just a few days left in this federal election campaign, a new poll from Lethbridge College shows heavy support for the Conservatives here in Alberta.

The latest numbers aren’t surprising given what other national polls have indicated as well as the history of federal voter intentions in this province.

The Lethbridge College poll shows 64% of decided Alberta voters support Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives .

Here in southern Alberta, that number is 62%.

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No federal party even comes close to that level of support. The Liberals are second at a very distant 17.9%

Support across Alberta for the federal Conservatives is equally strong among both men and women at 64.9% and 63.3% respectively.

Lethbridge College’s Citizen Society Research Lab surveyed 953 adult Albertans by phone the week of October 5th.

The federal election takes place October 21st.

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