Saturday, December 10, 2022

Province says no to Lethbridge on low-income transit support

Lethbridge will not be getting low-income transit support.

Mayor Chris Spearman telling our radio station this week those supports are provided to people in both Calgary and Edmonton and the City of Lethbridge had requested the same thing.

However, the Mayor says the UCP government has told him no, stating there is no money to expand the program at this time.

Spearman isn’t happy with that decision, saying our needs in Lethbridge are just as great as those in the province’s two biggest cities. “We understand the government’s situation financially. We’re doing everything we can to assist. We are certainly in line with the government’s goals of attracting investment and investors, and managing cutbacks being sent our way by the province. We’re just looking for some considerations in return.”

Under the Low Income Transit Program, the province gives money to Calgary and Edmonton to put toward cutting the cost that some low-income families have to pay for using city transit.

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