OTTAWA, ON. – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a one-dose COVID-19 vaccine summer could lead to a two-dose fall.

Trudeau’s comment means most people in Canada would be fully vaccinated by the fall if they get their first dose by summer.

He says we can’t ease the public health restrictions that are in place until cases are “way down.”

Trudeau says we can have a one-dose summer as long as cases go down and at least 75% of people have their first vaccine shots.

To date, Trudeau says almost 50% of eligible Canadian adults have received at least one shot and he adds, by the summer, we’ll have enough vaccines so that every eligible person in the country will have received their first dose.

He adds a two-dose fall would allow us to talk about going back to school, back to work and back to more normality.

The PM reiterated that every vaccine in our country has been approved by Health Canada and says it’s important to get vaccinated as quickly as possible.