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Lethbridge 2021 property tax notices being sent out this week

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Lethbridge property tax notices are in the mail.

If you own a home, property, or business in the city you’ll likely receive those notices in the next couple of days.

If you don’t get a mail copy, you can go online to register for a My City account, email the tax department, or cal 311.

You’re reminded that taxes are due on June 30th, however penalties will not be applied to any unpaid 2021 tax balances until October.

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City Council approved extending the penalty deadline to help those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regardless, you are encouraged to pay all or part of your taxes by the end of June if you can.

Last December, City Council approved a zero percent increase in the operating budget helping to minimize tax increases in Lethbridge. However, residents may see a tax increase on their bills for other reasons including a change to their property assessment (the value of your home, business or multi-family complex) or change in taxes collected by the Government of Alberta for the education tax and the Green Acres Foundation budget.

Additional information about assessment, taxes and penalties can be found on the back of the Tax Notice, at or by calling 311.

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