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NDP accuses UCP of snubbing Lethbridge for new schools

A recent UCP government announcement of school projects planned for cities and communities in Alberta did not include any new schools for Lethbridge.
“The details on the government’s 15 school projects reveal no new schools for our city and even Galbraith Elementary School’s much-needed modernization is not a priority for them,” says Shannon Phillips, NDP MLA for Lethbridge-West. 
Phillips says her former NDP government funded an average of 60 schools a year, and always had new schools in the works for the city. Lethbridge is Alberta’s third largest city, and she says it continues to grow with young families, but all people are getting is more school fees, more education property taxes, fewer teachers and no new schools.
“I am very disappointed that Nathan Neudorf and the UCP are yet again ignoring the needs of our city. They are refusing to take action on the disastrous shortage of doctors they have caused, and now they are also refusing to support our schools. This is what you get when you elect a UCP government.”
“At a time when the UCP is forcing us to pay more income tax, more property tax, more school fees, more tuition, more interest on student debt, more for car insurance and more for utilities, it’s a real poke in the eye for the UCP to refuse to fund badly needed new schools in Lethbridge.”

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