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Marshal Iwaasa’s family wants LPS to launch criminal investigation into disappearance

The investigation into the disappearance of Marshall Iwaasa continues, however the man’s family here in Lethbridge wants police to step things up.

Marshal went missing last November when he left the city to go back to Calgary. His truck was discovered a week later hundreds of miles away near Squamish, BC burned up on a remote logging road.’

Marshal’s family held a media conference on Monday morning (Aug. 17), nine months to the day the 26 year old man went missing. The family is now calling on Lethbridge Police to make this a criminal investigation, as opposed to just a missing persons file.

His sister, Paige Fogen says the investigation into this entire case needs to take a new path.

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“We have taken lots of time to do lots of searches,” says Fogen. “There are still no answers. We are at this stage of let’s get this re-investigated, let’s re-assess where we’re at. Lethbridge is the last place Marshall was seen”.

An online petition on Marshall Iwaasa is asking police to investigate Marshal’s disappearance as a criminal case. It’s gathered thousands of signatures in just a few days of launching.

The family stressed Monday this is more than frustrating, saying “it’s unacceptable that after nine months, this is where things are at”. Fogen told local media that after all this time, the family believes this is a criminal case.

Lethbridge Police meanwhile, issued a statement Monday afternoon in response to the family press conference trying to reassure everyone that his case will remain open and ongoing until he is found.

While LPS say Iwaasa’s disappearance has been considered suspicious, there is no credible, corroborated, or compelling evidence to suggest foul play or that the matter is criminal in nature so the case cannot be re-classified at this time.

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Police also say not all information and evidence has been shared in order to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

Back in late June, a team consisting of LPS and RCMP as well as search and rescue crews conducted a comprehensive ground search of areas that were not previously covered near the scene where Iwaasa’s burned out pickup truck was found. That search turned up no clues.

Fogen says formally through this online petition they are also asking that items found at the scene of the truck in BC be tested for DNA and fingerprints, that Marshal’s last known location which was a Lethbridge storage unit and surrounding area be investigated, items in that storage unit be fingerprinted, and the fire investigator’s report be completed and provided to Lethbridge Police.

She also wants better collaboration between LPS and the family’s fired private investigators.

Lethbridge Police also say a thorough and comprehensive investigation has been undertaken and any and all new evidence or information that comes to light in future will continue to be vigorously pursued.

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