OTTAWA, ON. – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says stricter border measures are on the way.

While he didn’t specify Tuesday morning exactly what those would be, he says they will be announced in the coming days and he’s urging Canadians not to travel between different provinces or out of the country.

Trudeau says the government is working to make sure the new regulations don’t interrupt the supply chain between countries.

“As I’ve said before, when it comes to protecting you and and your family, nothing is off the table,” stated Trudeau on Tuesday. “We will not hesitate to take even tougher measures if and when they’re needed and we will be making an announcement in the coming days.”

Meanwhile, Trudeau told the media briefing he spoke with the CEO’s from Moderna and Pfizer and was reassured that the vaccine delivery schedules laid out will be respected.

Earlier Tuesday, the European Union warned it might enforce control on vaccines made in Europe, possibly further interrupting vaccine deliveries to Canada.