Friday, January 27, 2023

California weather balloon crashes in MD of Taber

A bit of an odd find this week out in the MD of Taber.

Peace Officers received a call from Stanford University in California regarding a weather balloon that made an emergency landing here in southern Alberta.

The balloon, which had all the required permissions and permits, contained expensive scientific equipment and while on-route to its destination, encountered some difficulties and made a forced landing.

The team from Stanford University pre-release in California. Photo credit to MD of Taber Peace Officer Program

MD of Taber Peace Officers used a local drone Thursday morning (July 4) to pinpoint the crash location and found the object, still intact, laying in a field.

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It’s now being packed up and sent back to California.

The Balloon travelled over 2200 km in just 72 hours before it crash-landed in southern Alberta.

(Files from MD of Taber Peace Officer Program on Facebook)

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