Friday, January 27, 2023

Town of Bow Island & former employee plead guilty to provincial charges

The Town of Bow Island and a former employee have each pleaded guilty to one count under environmental legislation related to drinking water.

The municipality has admitted to failing to immediately report structural or equipment malfunctions in the waterworks system which is an offence under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

The Town of Bow Island was slapped this week with a $10,000 fine and was placed under a two-and-a-half year probation order that will closely monitor the town’s compliance with legislated monitoring and reporting requirements.

A former town employee meanwhile, Ryan Jeffery Sanderson, pleaded guilty to one count of providing false or misleading information, which is also an offence under the same Act.

Sanderson was sentenced to six months jail, to be served in the community under a conditional sentence order, followed by two years of probation.

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