Canadian actor upset with Ontario Premier Doug Ford; Pilot dead after helicopter crash in Manhattan

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Canadian actor upset at Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland wants Ontario Premier Doug Ford to stop using his late grandfather Tommy Douglas’s name and image as part of what he calls his ”political agenda.”

Sutherland’s request is in response to a recent tweet by Ford, in which he shared an op-ed penned by one of his cabinet ministers comparing the Ford government’s fiscal policies to that of Tommy Douglas. Sutherland says while his grandfather was fiscally responsible, his accomplishments didn’t come at the expense of social and human services to those in need.

Pilot dead after helicopter crashes on Manhattan rooftop

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The New York City Fire Department says the pilot is dead after a helicopter crashed on a Manhattan skyscraper rooftop.

It does not appear anyone else was on board when the crash happened Monday afternoon. Governor Andrew Cuomo tells reporters that a fire began when the aircraft hit, but it was brought under control and there are no reports of injuries to people in the tower.

Conservative Leader says “genocide” not the right word to use regarding Indigenous people

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says “genocide” is not the right word to describe what’s happened to generations of Indigenous women and girls in Canada.

Speaking on Parliament Hill, Scheer says the deaths and abuse inflicted on Indigenous women are “heartbreaking.” However, he says the word “genocide” would mean inviting international action and scrutiny and that’s not warranted.

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Ottawa announces plan to ban harmful single-use plastics

The federal government has announced a plan to ban harmful single-use plastics like drinking straws, but Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says it’s just a ploy to distract from what he calls “Liberal scandals.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he commends cities and provinces where bans have taken hold or are in the works.

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