Ebola outbreak in Congo declared an international health emergency; Search continues for two people lost in Quebec

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World Health Organization declares Ebola outbreak in Congo an international health emergency

The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola outbreak in Congo an international health emergency.

More than 16-hundred people have died since last August, and this week the virus spread to Goma, a city of two-million people. It is at a major regional crossroad on the Rwandan border and has an international airport.

Rescue teams searching for two people lost in Quebec

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Rescue teams focused on a narrowed search area today as the effort to locate a missing Quebec businessman and his son enters its second week.

The two were reported missing after failing to return from a fishing trip last Wednesday. Searchers are targeting a four-thousand-square-kilometre area northwest of Mont-Tremblant, based on cellphone data obtained by police.

RCMP identifies four passengers on float plane that crashes as Americans

The RCMP says the four passengers aboard a float plane that crashed into a lake in Labrador on Monday were from the United States.

At least three of the seven men aboard the plane died but only one has been identified so far, the pilot, a 61-year-old man from Quebec. The two fishing guides aboard the plane were from Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Privacy experts raising concerns over popular FaceApp

Privacy experts are raising concerns about an app that computer-ages your face.

The app, which was launched by a Russian company two years ago, has terms of use that include granting the rights to reproduce, modify, publish and share photos and other user content with third parties. FaceApp now says it only uploads photos to the cloud that users have selected, and that anyone who doesn’t want identifying information shared can bypass signing in.

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