Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Lethbridge City Council to hold public meeting on community crime and drug strategy

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Lethbridge City Council has decided to hold a public Town Hall to discuss the community’s crime and drug strategy.

Councillors voted 7-1 in favour of the motion at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Rob Miyashiro was the lone dissenting vote, saying there is plenty of information readily available on the city’s website if people want to look.

He says he doesn’t believe it will be productive and thinks it will “turn into a bunch of dart throwing at service providers.”

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Miyashiro says it’s time to let some of the strategies work, adding Lethbridge’s crime rate has already gone down this year.

Councillor Jeff Carlson agrees the information is out there and easily accessible but says if people will listen at a Town Hall, then he’s willing to try.

He says he’s hopeful it doesn’t turn ugly or into a free-for-all as it could.

The date for the Town Hall is expected to be set at the August 19th council meeting.

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Tina Karst

A Lethbridge College alumnus, Tina moved back to the community two years after convocation, in September 2007, to become a member of the CJOC News Team. She started as a weekend reporter/anchor and now serves as Associate News Director. When Tina’s not tracking down local news, she’s either busy at home with Jordan and their two kids or creating custom macrame pieces for a growing list of clients.

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