Wednesday, November 30, 2022

U.S. land border with Canada to open November 8th for leisure travel

OTTAWA, ON – We now know when the American border will finally reopen for Canadians wanting to travel south by car.

According to a White House spokesperson the U.S. land border will open back up on November 8th.

People wishing to travel to the States must be fully-vaccinated and provide proof.

The U.S. official was speaking anonymously as the announcement had not yet been made officially.

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What still isn’t clear though is whether Canadians who mixed COVID vaccines will be allowed across the border.

Info from Canada Border Services Agency

The CBSA is reminding travellers that border measures remain in place for people entering or returning to Canada.

Fully-vaccinated people coming to Canada must still complete the mandatory pre-arrival molecular COVID-19 test and submit their mandatory information. That including includes digital proof of vaccination using the free ArriveCAN within 72 hours before arriving in Canada.

The border services agency stresses that antigen tests, often called “rapid tests”, are not accepted.

One thing is, for short trips, you can get that test in Canada and it will be accepted when you come back home as long as it was conducted 72 hours before you left. The CBSA says if the test is more than 72 hours old, you’ll have to get a new test in the U.S. before coming back into Canada.

Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland was asked this week if Canada would drop the testing requirement since the Americans will allow proof of COVID-19 vaccination as the only requirement. She said she can’t predict the future, but seemed to leave the door open noting that Canada has always been flexible in adapting to changes when it comes to the pandemic.

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